Why should you invest in New Condo Launch?

Today we will focus upon advantages of investing in recently launched properties. It is imperative to choose, which type of property would give profit, so let us focus upon this topic to get maximum benefits out of property investment.

To have a clear understanding, let us start with the list of advantages that one gets by making investment in recently launched properties:

  • No worries for paying big monthly payments

If you invest in New Launch Condo Singapore like Highline Residences project, then you would be save from paying heavy amount for monthly payment. When the project is in the manufacture phase, then here is no need to pay big amounts, and yes, on the other hand one enjoys the growing price of properties. So, in a way, it gives high come back on investments.


  • There would be no depreciation for asset

The value of every asset depreciates behind a exacting time period. The same is the value of the property. And yes, do not get puzzled here with the property depreciation; as it is the value of land that gets approval. Until the property gets finished, the asset depreciation is not calculated and thus the owners of new launch get the profit of rising price. As soon as the project gets completed, i.e. from the year 0, the value of property starts depreciating. So, if you would invest in resale property, then you would not be able to get significant profit out of it. 

  • You can enjoy the novelty in new condo:

If you are choose the resale condo, just because you are looking for New Property Launch Singapore, then you need to pay a next thought to it. In new Launch Condo in Singapore you would enjoy all the facilities to the fresh. There would be completely landscaped garden area, all the equipment at gym would be totally useful, the services would be untouched and fresh, and several other factor, which would give a novelty feel. Do you really think that you should compromise upon this, merely for some amount?

  • Be smart and grab the discounted opportunities:

Developers, many a times, announce discount, deals, and vouchers on the recently launched project as a sales strategy. You would surely miss these advantages in the resale condo property as there the seller would try to get maximum profit out of the deal.

Well, these are the advantages that you would get be investing in new launch condo property