Developer New Launch

Developer New Launch A lucrative alternative to resale property unit

Developer New LaunchNew launch projects are the real estate ventures that are not yet built but the developers’ exhibit the suites or a mock-up of the draft so as to let the prospective buyers visualize the place. Resale units are the completed properties where the buyers personally visit to do the needful inspection. The very first thought affirms to buy the completed unit as one can see before buying what he/she is going to purchase. All the parameters could be examined and taken care of. Then it is really quick to have the possession for occupation or rental purposes. However, in case of developer new launch project, the property takes certain years to get constructed. Of course, this is no fun. Also it deprives you of a great income source that you could get while renting out your project. But don’t be disheartened merely by these a couple of disadvantages. The upside of the venture is huge and significant.

  • The buyer has the facility of small installment repayments while the property appreciates in its value. This makes the process affordable.
  • The buyer of a resale unit must find the tenant fast or he/she has to pay substantial monthly repayments while having an unrented unit. But the buyer of new launch project is spared from this messy scene.
  • A new launch project is a new property while resale property could be a used unit. The novelty factor is always lucrative and invites votes.
  • The developer offers huge discount, subsidies, or vouchers to induce the sale of a new launch project. However, for resale units, this is not feasible.
  • Hidden costs in buying a resale property are very common.
  • New launch project provide peace of mind to the buyers as there are no hidden repair costs or nasty shocks involved throughout the process.
  • The communal facilities are better in a new launch project compared to the poorly maintained ones in resale property. This matters a lot in the choice of the property.
  • Buying a new launch project is relatively much cheaper. Money makes a definite difference.

Hence regardless of the immediate benefits being offered by resale property, a new launch project still remains a wise and better choice. You are the best thinker and the best judge to decide upon the best option for you, though. Have your research ready and your deliberations on the minute details will provide you the best decision regarding which property set you should opt for your better future and growth. Expert help is always there to set you on the right track!